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Students are welcome to call, email or stop at the International Programs Office with questions about study abroad.  Some of the more frequently asked questions are: How do I choose a program?
Students at Augustana University work with both their academic and study abroad advisors to select a program that is appropriate for their studies, interests, and prior experience.  Students can begin this process independently by searching approved programs on this site. 

Will I study off-campus with other Augie students?
Possibly.  Some J-Term and most Spring Break programs enroll only Augustana students.  Other approved programs enroll students from the Midwest, the U.S. and the world. 

Where will the other students on my study abroad program come from?
The answer depends on the program you choose.  For UMAIE J-Term programs, the other students are enrolled at seven consortium member schools located in the Midwest.  If you enroll directly in a university abroad, you will be taking courses with local students or participating in a program designed specifically for international students.  If you are participating in a program provided by a Third-party provider, (ie: ISA, AIFS) you will be studying abroad with other American students from colleges all over the U.S.

When should I study abroad? 
That depends on you.  It is important to work with your academic advisor to determine the best time to study abroad.  The sooner you start your planning, the easier it will be to develop a four year plan that includes study abroad.

Can freshmen study abroad?
Yes, freshmen are permitted to study abroad.  An increasing number of freshmen participate in short-term (J-Term, Spring Break and Summer) study abroad programs.  Semester study abroad, while permitted, is not recommended during your first year at Augustana.

How can I afford to study abroad?
Augustana University offers a wide range of study abroad options with a wide range of costs.  Students on very tight budgets can find affordable short-term programs or they may opt for a semester-length program with comprehensive costs comparable to a semester at Augustana.  Airfare, cost of living,  and spending money can significantly impact the overall cost.  Your study abroad advisor will develop a complete cost estimate for you and will help identify any available scholarship opportunities.  The Financial Aid Office will review this estimate with you and give you a complete picture of  how much, if any, financial aid you will receive.

Who decides if I can study off-campus? 
The International Programs Office provides final approval for study abroad participation.  Approval is based on a completed application and clearance from the Dean of Students Office, the Business Office, the Registrar's Office and your Faculty Advisor. You will also submit a second application to the appropriate program provider or university partner.

Can I study off-campus more than once? 
Yes.  Many Augustana students participate in two or more study abroad programs during their Augustana career. 

Can I study off-campus in the summer? 

Yes.  Summer study abroad on approved programs is awarded transfer credit. 

What if I have a disability?
Augustana University is committed to assisting students with disabilities. Students with disabilities should be aware that accommodations received in the United States may not be available abroad due to different laws in other countries. It is recommended that the student carefully choose a study abroad destination with this in mind and in conjunction with the International Programs Office staff and the Director of Student Academic Support Services.