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Grayce Hueske, New Zealand '18 Laura Hartke, Germany 2019 Julie Plonsky, Ecuador 2019 Hailey Nold, Morocco 2019 Destiny PB, Russia 2018 Makayla Kuhn, Panama 2018 Grace Fjellanger, India 2019 Grayce Hueske, Thailand 2018 Jacqueline Martin, Greece 2019


Each year over 200 Augustana students explore new cultures, discover new places and create new friendships by studying away.  Augustana students earn credit towards graduation while creating memories that last a lifetime.  The International Programs staff works with each student individually to identify personal and academic goals for their off-campus experience and encourages students to consider all programs that meet these goals.
Schedule an Advising Appointment:

  • By phone:  Call 605.274.5050 and schedule a study abroad appointment.
  • By email:  Send an appointment request to