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Financial Aid

Financial aid eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office staff based on the guidelines and policies outlined below.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for any questions not answered in Frequently Asked Questions.

Financial Aid Policy
For semester, year abroad and off-campus study programs, a portion of your financial aid may be available towards the cost of your program as follows:
  1. All federal gift aid (Pell Grant, SEOG) and federal loan aid (both subsidized and unsubsidized) is retained at 100%.
  2. All private scholarships, grants and loans are retained at 100%.
  3. Participation scholarships and student employment awards are nullified during the period of study abroad.
  4. All other Augustana gift aid is adjusted based on the cost of the program as shown below, not to exceed $5,500.  Program costs includes tuition, room and meal costs as estimated by the International Programs Office. 
  5. Students with high financial need may be eligible for an additional scholarship of $500.
Program Cost
(Tuition, room and meals)
% of Augustana Gift
Aid Retained
$0 - $13,000 0%
$13,001 - $16,000 25%
$16,001 - $18,300 40%
$18,301 + 60%

The following exceptions apply to the Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs for semester and year abroad programs:
  • International Students
    • International Student Grants generally do not apply to study abroad semesters.
    • International Student Grants will be applied to the Lutheran College Washington Semester, subject to a maximum of 50% of Augustana tuition.
    • Awards are individually determined for the HECUA Twin Cities Program.  Costs will approximate individual student net Augustana costs for tuition, room and board.
    • Augustana gift aid is not available for the Chicago Semester.
  • International Studies and Anthropology Majors
    • An additional scholarship of $500 per semester will be awarded for international study abroad semester and year programs.
    • NOTE: Anthropology majors must study at University of Exeter to receive this additional scholarship.
  • Tuition Remission Students
    • Full tuition scholarships and tuition remission are nullified during periods of study away. 
    • The student's original "non-remission" award level is calculated. That award level is subject to the policies above.
  • University of Potsdam Exchange Students
    • All Augustana gift aid is retained at 80% for a semester or year of study at the University of Potsdam with no maximum.
    • Students are billed Augustana tuition.  University of Potsdam charges for room and board.
  • Lutheran College Washington D.C. Semester
    • Augustana gift aid will be applied to the Lutheran College Washington Semester.
    • Full tuition and tuition remission recipients see the "Full tuition scholars and Tuition Remission Recipients" section above. 
    • Students are billed Augustana tuition.  Lutheran College Washington Semester program charges for room and board.
  • HECUA Twin Cities Programs
    • Awards are individually determined.  HECUA Twin Cities Program costs will approximate Augustana costs for tuition, room and board.
  • Chicago Semester
    • Augustana gift aid is not available for the Chicago Semester. Federal financial aid will apply towards Chicago Semester costs.
Interim, Spring Break and Summer Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs:
  • Augustana gift aid is not available for interim, spring break or summer study abroad/off-campus programs.
  • Students may access loans or outside scholarships if additional financial assistance is needed.
  • Limited study abroad specific scholarships are available. More information and application is available on Studio Abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will the number of credits I take affect my financial aid?
Yes.  In order to be eligible for Augustana gift assistance as outlined above, you must take a minimum of 12 credits to be considered a full-time student.  If you take less than 12 credits, you will not be eligible for federal aid based on FAFSA results.

How do I apply for financial aid if I am going to study abroad?
The application process for financial aid is the same as if you were studying on campus.  You will need to file a FAFSA.  The International Programs Office will prepare your cost estimate.  The Financial Aid Office will be determine your eligibility based on these amounts.

Are there special procedures involved in using financial aid for study abroad?
No.  Your financial aid, if any, will be automatically applied to your Augie account where all study abroad charges will be billed.

How much of my costs will financial aid cover?
It varies from student to student and from program to program.  Consult the Financial Aid Office once you have your program cost estimate from the International Programs Office.

Can I use financial aid to study abroad as part of an unapproved program?
No.  The International Programs Office must approve your program before financial aid is made available.

Can I use financial aid for an independent study abroad?
Yes, if it is part of an approved course of study.

Are there any outside scholarships for study abroad students?
Yes.  You can learn about available outside scholarships here.

My study abroad payment deadlines and/or deposit due dates are earlier than my disbursement of financial aid (loans, scholarships, etc).  What can I do?
For Augustana faculty-led programs, UMAIE programs and provider programs (AIFS, ISA...), you are responsible for paying the application deposit.  The final balance due after crediting the deposit will be billed to your Augustana student account.  If you are awaiting financial aid, including loan disbursements, to be able to pay the final balance on your Augustana bill, you will be responsible for all finance charges that accrue until the balance is paid in full.  It is recommended that you stop by the Business Office to make a payment plan.

Who is responsible for taking care of my financial aid while I'm overseas? 
You are.  Make sure all necessary documents are submitted prior to departure.  For example, if you have a Direct loan and have not yet signed a promissory note, you must do so before you leave. 

How will I receive financial aid funds if I leave campus before they are disbursed? 
If you are awaiting loan proceeds to cover living expenses while abroad, the Augustana Business Office will direct deposit the disbursements into your checking/savings account upon receipt.  For more information contact the Augustana Business Office.

What happens to my financial aid when I return?
Upon return from study abroad, your financial aid will revert to your pre-departure levels based on your current FAFSA.