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Once you have selected a study abroad program, you can begin the application process.  Your StudioAbroad portal will guide you through the study abroad application process, so it is important to check your portal frequently for updates.
Which program should I apply to?
For help in selecting the program that is right for you, read Find a Program

Your program choice must be an approved Augustana program.  Only approved Augustana programs are available through the StudioAbroad system.  Study abroad with non-approved programs may be approved on a limited case-by-case basis.  Prior to applying to a non-approved program, you must obtain clearance from the International Programs Office staff.

Study abroad in countries or regions of countries subject to a US Department of State Travel Warning is not permitted by Augustana College.

Am I eligible to apply to study abroad?
Students who are in good academic standing with a 2.0 GPA or above may apply for an off-campus or study abroad program.  Students may be subject to higher GPA standards depending upon the requirements of the program in which they plan to participate.  Requirements and prerequisites for a specific study abroad program, as well as eligibility criteria, are specified in the individual program description in StudioAbroad.  It is your responsibility to verify that you meet all eligibility requirements and prerequisites at the time of application and continue to meet the set requirements prior to departure.

Students who are in the Augustana Dean of Students judicial system will need to have the Dean of Students' permission to participate in any off-campus or study abroad program.

Students with an Augustana Business Office "hold" will need to have Business Office permission to participate in an off-campus or study abroad program.

How do I apply?
For all programs, you must complete the StudioAbroad application process in order to be approved by Augustana to study abroad. This application requires the completion of forms concerning emergency contact information, health information, insurance coverage information, drug and alcohol use policy and general release and waiver. 

IMPORTANT:  For programs offered by third-party providers or by direct enroll universities, you will also need to complete the application process designed by your approved program provider in addition to StudioAbroad.  You should review your specific program's application procedures, requirements and deadlines prior to applying for Augustana approval via StudioAbroad.  This is a separate application process from StudioAbroad, and it is important to meet all program provider deadlines in addition to the Augustana deadlines specified in StudioAbroad.

When do I apply?
In general, it is best to apply to your study abroad program as early as possible.  Applications typically open six to eight months prior to departure. 

The application deadlines for each program are shown in the individual program description in StudioAbroad.  Please note that your  third-party provider or direct enroll university's application deadline may be different from the Augustana internal deadline specified in StudioAbroad.  If you have any questions about application deadlines, please contact your study abroad advisor in the International Programs Office. 

Augustana internal application and deposit deadlines appear below. 

Type of Program Application Deadline 1st Deposit 2nd Deposit Final Payment Due
Fall Semester or Year-Long May 15 Set by program Set by program Set by program
J-Term October 3 $500 with application $500 by September 15 November 1
Spring Semester October 15 Set by program Set by program Set by program
Spring Break December 1 $500 with application $500 by November 1 January 10
Summer March 15 Set by program Set by program Set by program


Last modified 07/17/2013