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Augustana students are often surprised to learn how affordable study abroad can be.  Study abroad programs can vary greatly in cost, depnding on variables such as location, duration, currency exchange rate, and many other factors. Your study abroad advisor in the International Programs Office can help you identify high-quality study abroad programs that best fits your academic, personal and financial needs and interests. 

Cost Estimate
Once you have identified a program or two in which you are interested, your study abroad advisor will develop a comprehensive cost estimate upon request.  This cost estimate will include tuition, room, board, airfare, spending money, fees and ancillary costs (such as books and local transportation). In order to request a cost estimate, you must request advising .  In your StudioAbroad advising portal, you will be able to complete and submit a Request for Study Abroad Cost Estimate(s) questionnaire. 

The International Programs Office staff will email the cost estimate(s) to both you and the Financial Aid Office.  The Financial Aid Office staff will determine student financial aid eligibility and complete the right side of the Study Abroad Cost and Financial Aid Estimate Form according to the financial aid policy for study abroad and off-campus study.  Augustana scholarships and grants, if available, apply only to approved semester and year-long study abroad or off-campus programs.

Students are also encouraged to investigate outside scholarships as a source of funding for study abroad.  Please note that scholarships are typically not available for January interim, spring break or summer study abroad.

International Programs Office Administrative Fee
All study abroad program participants, including summer, spring break, January term, semester and academic year, will be charged a $150 International Programs Office Administrative Fee which is non-refundable.  In general, this fee will appear on the bill you receive from the Augustana Business Office once you register for your study abroad program on your Augustana portal.  Please note that once you change your status to Committed in StudioAbroad, a $50 portion of  the $150 non-refundable administrative fee will be charged to your Augustana account even if you do not participate in your study abroad program. 

Billing and Payment Policies

In order to simplify billing and payments for study abroad, Augustana College has developed direct billing arrangements with all approved programs.  In most cases, tuition, room and food costs for study abroad programs are billed directly to Augustana College.  Those costs will appear on your Augustana College Business Office bill.   You will pay Augustana, and Augustana will pay your program provider.  Billing and payment policies are fully described here.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy
The policies that govern withdrawal from a study abroad program vary from program to program.  It is important to note that you may be liable for the entire program or course cost depending on the date of your official written notice of withdrawal.  For this reason, trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended for students with pre-existing medical conditions or other circumstances that may require withdrawing from a program or course unexpectedly. We recommend comparing coverage available at

The complete withdrawal and refund policy is described here.


Last modified 09/09/2013