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“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Exploring new cultures, discovering new places, creating new friendships... Each year over 200 Augustana students benefit from these experiences by studying abroad.  Earn credit towards graduation while creating memories that will last a lifetime!  Here are the first steps you'll need to take as you begin the study abroad process. 

Schedule an Advising Appointment:
All interested students should schedule an advising appointment with the International Programs Office. The advising process is vital to choosing the appropriate program for each student's needs. The International Programs staff works with each student individually to identify personal and academic goals for an overseas experience and encourages students to consider all programs that would meet those goals.

  • Online:  Click to Request an Appointment.
  • By phone:  Call 605.274.5050 and ask for a study abroad appointment.
  • By email:  Send an appointment request to

Prepare for Your Advising Appointment:
Taking the time at this stage to really think about your academic and personal goals will lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling study abroad experience!

Explore, Discover, Create:  Go Viking!

Last modified 01/22/2015