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Study Abroad FAQ’s for Advisors

What is the role of the Academic Advisor in the study abroad process?
To help students fully consider the academic, intercultural, and career advantages of study abroad.  Each student has specific requirements and interests.  As a community, we strive to provide advising to best serve their individual needs.

What questions should advisors ask their advisees about study abroad?
  1. What are your academic goals for study abroad?
  2. Is there a particular course/s you must take? 
  3. How will study abroad fit into your academic plan?
  4. What are your linguistic goals for study abroad?
  5. What are your intercultural goals for study abroad?
Will all classes taken while abroad transfer back to Augustana?
Courses may be used to fulfill general education, major/minor and total credit hours needed for graduation. Students are required to obtain approval from the department in advance to use a course from study abroad to satisfy major/minor requirements. Approval from the Registrar is required for General Education credits. Students must provide the major department and/or Registrar with course descriptions and obtain signatures on the Course Approval Form if they are planning to use study abroad credit to satisfy a specific requirement.

Does study abroad have to be connected to the major?
Students can take classes or earn credit toward their major, minor, general education requirements or total credits needed to graduate.  All credit on pre-approved programs will transfer back.

How should I advise athletes regarding study abroad?
Some student athletes have difficulty choosing between study abroad and their sport. If they decide that they don’t want to miss a sport season by going on study abroad, there may be options for these students, and they are encouraged to consider a short-term program during January or summer.

My advisee is really worried about the cost of study abroad. How much does it really cost?
Study abroad participants are charged a comprehensive fee based on their program of choice. Students work closely with the International Programs Office and the Office of Financial Aid to determine program costs and scholarship availability before applying.  More information is available on the Scholarship & Cost Information page.

Are all students required to go through the International Programs Office?  Even if they are not receiving credit or using financial aid?
All students traveling abroad internationally for an academic purpose must register with the International Programs Office. Students must complete their registration on the studioabroad portal to:
  • Apply to their program (for faculty-led and UMAIE study abroad programs)
  • Ensure their transfer credits are pre-approved and that the student’s emergency contact information is on file with the university.
The International Programs Office needs student information on study abroad programs in order to ensure the safety of all students. If there is an emergency, the International Programs Office is able to coordinate necessary services using student emergency contacts and program provider information.

When are the application deadlines?
Interim course registration closes on October 1st.  The priority deadline is April 15 of the previous term.  Popular courses will fill by this date.
Fall and Spring terms have various dates depending on location.  Fall deadlines occur between April-July, Spring deadlines occur between October-February.
Summer course deadlines are between March-May.

How can students find out more: