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Types of Programs

Augustana University students have several different types of programs from which to choose.  In StudioAbroad, students will be able to conduct an advanced search for the following types of programs.
Direct Enroll at Foreign University
You enroll directly in classes with local students.  Augustana University has direct enroll relationships with the following colleges and universities:
  • University of Exeter; Exter, England
  • Edge Hill University; Ormskirk, England
  • University of Sussex; Brighton, England
  • Lancaster University; Lancaster, England
  • University of Glasgow; Glasgow, Scotland
  • University of Potsdam; Potsdam, Germany
  • Nord University; Bodø, Norway
  • University of Southeastern Norway; Bø, Telemark, Porsgrunn, Notodden, Rauland, Drammen, Hønefoss, Kongsberg and Horten
  • Inland University of Applied Sciences; Blæstad, Elverum, Evenstad, Hamar, Lillehammer and Rena
  • University of Oslo International Summer School; Oslo, Norway
  • University of Quebec; Chicoutimi, Canada
Field Study/Experiential
These programs integrate classroom teaching with study and/or research outside a traditional classroom.  The experiential component of the program can be significant.  Typically, students would spend the first several weeks of the program in a traditional classroom setting followed by a field experience.  While these programs can be led by Augustana faculty members, they are typically arranged by third party providers such as SIT or HECUA.

Internships provide on-the-job training and professional experience in exchange for unpaid labor.  Several of Augustana University's approved study abroad providers will place students in internships abroad for a fee.  Internships are typically not credit-bearing and are therefore not eligible for financial aid.  Some Traditional Study Abroad programs do offer part-time internships to students in combination with a full-time program of studies. 

These courses or programs are taught by Augustana University or UMAIE consortium professors, typically during January Interim, Spring Break or Summer.  Much of the instruction takes place outside a traditional classroom setting.  Professors usually conduct 2-3 hours of class per day followed by a wide variety of site visits and experiences.  It is very common for these courses to include multiple locations and significant local travel.  Instruction is typically in English.

Traditional Study Abroad
Traditional study abroad programs are arranged by a third party provider.  Undergraduate students from all over the US apply to the third party provider for admission.  Accepted students are enrolled in courses at a host university or institution.  Classes may be filled with US students only, a mixture of international students or a mixture of US, international and host country students. Most programs offer some courses taught in English as well as courses taught in the host country language.  Language tests are usually required to determine proficiency level prior to course placement.

Following is a list of Augustana University approved third party providers.
Participants volunteer for immersive projects abroad. Volunteer programs are not credit-bearing and so are not eligible for financial aid consideration. ISA and AIFS provide the option for a volunteer component to be added to many of their locations.

Graduate Study Abroad
This category includes traditional study abroad opportunities for graduate students.

Graduate Degrees Abroad
Programs for the pursuit of advanced degrees abroad are included in this category.

Working Abroad
This category includes programs that help students or graduates identify opportunities for working abroad in non-teaching positions.

Teaching Abroad
Programs that assist students in finding teaching jobs abroad are featured in this category.