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Augustana University closely watches the U.S. State Department Travel Warnings.  This information serves as a guideline in determining whether a study abroad program will take place or whether an Augustana student may participate in a co-sponsored study abroad program in the country in question.

Augustana will strongly consider canceling a program for which such a warning is issued. Augustana also reserves the right to cancel its own programs or its approval of students' participation on co-sponsored programs in countries with severe safety issues without the issuance of a U.S. State Department Travel Warning. The U.S. State Department information may be found at

Should an Augustana program be cancelled due to a Travel Warning that is issued for a country in which students are preparing to study or travel (not yet departed):
  • Students will be reimbursed any recoverable costs. (Note: This means students could incur a financial loss.)
  • Students will be advised on whether they may apply for or be able to participate in another suitable program (depending on time until departure, etc)
  • If another program is not feasible for students seeking to earn academic credit abroad, they will be advised on registering for courses on campus.
Should an Augustana program be cancelled due to a Travel Warning being issued for a country in which the program is already taking place:
  • Students will be given assistance in arranging departure from that country (may be to a third country). Students may incur costs associated with this change in travel plans.
  • Augustana will refund any recoverable costs to the student. Note that this means students may incur a financial loss.
  • Augustana will make every effort to arrange for the student to complete the requirements for earning academic credit for the program, if applicable, but this is not guaranteed.