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Choosing your Courses

It is important to work with your academic advisor and your Augustana study abroad advisor when choosing your course load. Semester and year-abroad students must take enough credits to maintain full-time student status while abroad.

Before Leaving Augustana
You need to follow a course pre-approval process if you want your study abroad courses:
  • to satisfy a General Education requirement.
  • to satisfy a major or minor requirement.
  • accepted for departmental elective credit toward a major or minor.
  • accepted for general elective credit toward your Augustana degree.
The course pre-approval process consists of the following steps:
  1. Complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form, listing all courses for which you want General Education requirement credit, major/minor requirement credit, major/minor elective credit or general elective credit. 
  2. Attach a course description for each course listed on your Study Abroad Course Approval Form.  You can obtain the course descriptions either from your program provider or your direct-enroll university.
  3. Bring the completed form and course descriptions to the appropriate department chair(s) for major/minor pre-approval. 
  4. Bring the completed form and course descriptions to the Registrar for General Eduation/general elective pre-approval.
  5. After all signatures are obtained, submit your completed form to the Registrar's Office.  We recommend keeping a copy for your records.  The Registrar's Office will provide a copy of the signed form to the International Programs Office.  Upon receipt, the International Programs Office will mark this form as complete on your StudioAbroad portal.
Once you are accepted, you will register for a GENL 105 section (specific to your program location) on your Augustana student portal.