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Withdrawal from Study Abroad
Students are required to submit all Augustana College required documents by the deadlines provided by the International Programs Office (IPO). Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to study abroad. Students ineligible due to non-compliance will be withdrawn from study abroad and will have to register for Augustana College courses.

Should a student decide to withdraw from study abroad subsequent to acceptance, the student is required to submit to the International Programs Office a Study Abroad Withdrawal Notification form. The student is still responsible for any cancellation fees and penalties charged by the provider and/or Augustana College.

Cancellation Policy and Penalties
If a student cancels his/her participation in a study abroad program, the student will be liable for any cancellation penalty assessed by the provider (including Augustana College).  This penalty could reach 100% of cost depending upon the date of notification of cancellation. It is the responsibility of the student to be informed of the cancellation dates and penalties of the program provider.

Programs run by Augustana College faculty are subject to the following cancellation policy:
  • The full initial deposit amount of $500 is refunded if you withdraw on or before September 16 (J-Term programs) or November 1 (Spring Break programs) of the year prior to departure. 
  • If you withdraw between September 17 and November 1(J-Term programs) or between November 1 and December 1 (Spring Break programs), the $500 initial deposit will be forfeited, and the $500 second deposit will be refunded.
  • Any refund for cancellations occurring after November 1 (J-Term programs) or January 10 (Spring Break programs) is based upon recoverable losses.  You may be liable for the entire course cost.
  • If cancellation occurs 30 days or less prior to departure, there will be no refund.
Trip cancellation insurance is recommended for students with pre-existing medical conditions or other extenuating circumstances.  We recommend comparing coverage available at

Removal of a Student from a Program
Appropriate student participation and behavior in an off-campus or study abroad program is vital to the success of the program.  Inappropriate student behavior may put other participants at risk or may jeopardize the success of the program.  Faculty leaders, program directors, on-site program coordinators, host-university officials, or Augustana College administration may determine that a student must be removed from a program.  In such cases, the student will remain subject to all program fees and payments including repayment of Augustana Financial Aid.  The student's parents or family will be contacted and the student will be required to return home at their own expense.

Last modified 07/17/2013